Return policy

Our main guarantee is customer’s complete satisfaction with our products, so if once received, it does not meet your expectations or there has simply been an error in the purchase, you will have 7 days to make the return. In above-mentioned cases, BELGASONLINE will refund the amount of the purchase excluding the shipping costs. In order to make the return, it will be an essential requirement that both the product and its packaging are in perfect condition. BELGASONLINE reserves the right to accept those returns that do not meet this condition.

If the shipment does not arrive in perfect condition or there has been an error on the part of BELGASONLINE, the customer will have the right to request the resend of the product at no additional cost on his/her part, once the product has been returned to our facilities and the incidence has been verified. If the shipment has been damaged during transport, the customer must notify BELGASONLINE of this situation within 24 hours after receiving the package. In this case, BELGASONLINE will initiate the claim procedure with the transport company to replace the damaged merchandise at no additional cost to the customer.

If there are defects inside the products BELGASONLINE is not responsible.
Shipping costs to our facilities caused by possible claims of our products will be borne by the customer. The shipping costs to the customer of possible product changes due to the warranty processing will be borne by BELGASONLINE.

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